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sandralarsonSandra Larson was born in Northern Wisconsin in the small town of Superior. With neighboring Duluth Minnesota close by, it is often referred to as the Twin Ports. She grew up in a nurturing home with caring parents and three wonderful sisters.

She graduated from the University Wisconsin-Superior (UWS) with a double major in Psychology and Education. In addition, she graduated from Gateway College Florissant, Missouri.

She taught elementary school in Wisconsin, Germany and California. She was a Psychology instructor at both Wisconsin Indianhead Technical College (WITC) and San Diego Community College (SDCC). While in California, Sandra created Sandra Larson Seminars and worked as corporate trainer for Impac. She became the Regional Sales Manager for Lieba, Inc., and created her own business promoting products at trade shows across the United States, Canada and Europe.
Sandra returned to Superior and experienced a successful career in real estate with RE/MAX Twin Ports. She returned to UWS and received her Masters in Counseling (MSE). She went on to study life coaching with Coaches Training Institute (CTI), became a certified Soul Coach & Past Life Coach with Denise Linn, and an Angel Therapy Practitioner™ (ATP) with Doreen Virtue. Through her training with MaDonna Kettler, she became a certified Trans-personal Clinical and Master Hypnotist, including training in the Life Between Life (LBL) program.
She has studied animal communication with Mary Stoffel and Kim Luetke. Also, she has completed the Professional Series Course with international animal communicator Marta Williams author of Learning Their Language, Beyond Words and Ask Your Animal.

Sandra currently has an Animal Communication and Intuitive Coaching Practice in Little Elm, Texas.

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The CLARAC Approach - An Overview

Note: This information is from the yet to be released book, ‘Animal Conversing, the CLARAC Approach, by Sandra Larson.

C - Center, get grounded, give thanks for a good session

  • Center
  • Ground: See roots growing through your feet into the Earth
  • Thanks

L - Love as you call their name

  • Recognize
  • Appreciate
  • Love

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Welcome To SandraLarson.com

sandralarsonIf this is your first visit to a Pet Communicator, I'd love to help you understand more about what I have been blessed to do for all of God's creatues.

People often ask, “Can you communicate intuitively with zoo or wild animals as well as have a non-verbal two-way conversation with my family pet?” The answer is yes! The conversations with wild or zoo animals are a little different than the way an animal living in your home might speak with me, but through animal communication, we can speak with all animals that are willing to talk.

Our animal companions often make us smile by the way they communicate through a look, a touch, and other behaviors. Before language was created, it was the method by which all life communicated. Intuitive communication, which is also referred to as telepathic or psychic communication is not only a natural way of conversing, it's the manner in which all non-human life communicates. They talk, not on the Internet, but rather the Inner-net or Web of Life! In the Western Culture it's often a lost or latent human ability we’ve been taught to suppress and conditioned to forget. We're taught early, by society, to believe intuitive communication is our over-active imagination at work.

Is it really possible to know what my animal companion is thinking or feeling?

I use a method of communication called the CLARAC Approach in talking with animals. I go into full detail about this in my soon-to-be-released book, “Animal Conversing, the CLARAC Approach.” Each of the letters in word CLARAC represents a step in communicating with animals and nature. All life is connected, so it is only a matter of

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Animal Conversing, Love

Note: This information is from the yet to be released book, 'Animal Conversing, the CLARAC Approach', by Sandra Larson. It explains the second step, 'Love' in using the CLARAC Approach in animal communication.

Regarding Love

The core of the CLARAC Approach is love. If you truly love animals, you'll be able to communicate with them. In using the CLARAC Approach to animal communication, please spend time practicing this aspect more than any other. Love is the key to connecting with animals intuitively. Sometimes being loving is as natural as breathing in and out. Other times, it doesn't feel so easy. Because of this, I would like to share with you some ideas of how to create that feeling of love with animals.

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"In starting an equine experiential learning practice, I invited Sandra to communicate with one of my horses that wasn't participating. When she spoke with her, it became clear my horse didn't understand what was expected of her. After she understood, she began participating immediately. The session was so much fun and now we're in synch! I recommend Sandra to anyone who would like to expand the partnership with their horse to include two-way communication. With animal communication, it's amazing what becomes possible!"

-- Allison Ingels, Equine Assisted Life Coach, Dallas Texas

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