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Sandra Larson

Animal Communicator & Intuitive Life Coach

Sandra Larson was born and raised in Northern Wisconsin in the small town of Superior. It’s here where her love of nature and animals was fostered by her father, who was also an animal intuitive. From a very early age Sandra remembers watching her father communicate with animals and hand feed the wild animals on their property. This was a normal occurrence in the Larson family.


Sandra’s affinity with her father’s gift became stronger in her adult years, when she began to hone her own abilities to communicate with animals. Through her father’s actions, words, and gifts, he taught Sandra to lovingly respect all animals and all life. This important life lesson is ingrained in her and continues to live at the heart of her values, thanks to her loving and gifted father, Fred Larson.  


Sandra’s ability to communicate with animals is extraordinary to say the least. She has honed her gift through the years through study and practice. Most people experience the world through the five senses. Sandra is proficient in seven intuitive senses: seeing, auditory, taste, smell, touch (sensations in the body), emotion and knowing. This allows her to tune into animals in a way that the majority of us cannot. Through these seven senses she can send and receive messages with animals intuitively. Her gift also allows her to communicate with animals who have transitioned to the other side.  

While Sandra was working on her Master’s Degree in Counseling and attending Coaches Training Institute (CTI) to become an Intuitive Life Coach, she also studied Animal Communication with two different teachers. She later went on to train with the internationally known published author and animal communicator, Marta Williams.


Kindness is Love in Action

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Sandra's Background

Sandra graduated from the University Wisconsin-Superior (UWS) with a double major in Psychology and Education. She taught elementary school in Wisconsin, California, and Germany, as well as Psychology at both Wisconsin Indianhead Technical College WITC and San Diego Community College SDCC. She returned to the University of Wisconsin-Superior to receive her Master’s Degree of Science and Education in Counseling (MSE) and Life Coaching at Coaches Training Institute.


Sandra has studied Animal Communication with Mary Stoffel and Kim Luetke. She has also completed the Professional Series Course with international Animal Communicator Marta Williams author of Learning Their Language, Beyond Words and Ask Your Animal.

Through her years as an educator, mentor, and Intuitive Life Coach, Sandra’s affinity for animals has been ever present. Sandra currently has an Animal Communication and Intuitive Life Coaching Practice in Frisco, Texas. She has been practicing for over fifteen years. 

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Broadcast Experience

Sandra is no stranger to TV cameras. She has twice been invited to appear on Bravo’s The Real Housewives of Dallas (2019 and 2020), and she filmed two segments with Terry Bradshaw and his family for the second season of The Bradshaw Bunch (2021), airing on the E! Network. Sandra’s charming personality and quick wit makes her a natural in front of the camera. She has also made numerous appearances on podcasts and radio shows, as well as being featured in several local news segments.

A pilot has been developed around Sandra's gifts and talents as an Animal Medium and Communicator. Lone Star Animal Medium with Sandra Larson is currently looking for a network home. In addition to this docuseries, Sandra and her business partner are currently in pre-production developing content for the Lone Star Animal Medium YouTube Channel, which will feature animal sessions with Sandra as well as helpful tips to improve communication with animal companions, and information on how to troubleshoot potential problems or behavioral issues with your animals. Please subscribe to Sandra's newsletter below for the latest updates on new YouTube posts, events, and monthly specials on Sandra's services. 

Lone Star Animal Medium Docuseries

LOGLINE: This unique animal docuseries takes viewers to the Lone Star State to feature an extraordinarily talented Animal Medium, Sandra Larson, who uses her intuitive gifts to communicate with animals – deceased or alive. Sandra not only satisfies human curiosity and skeptics by connecting with animals who have transitioned to the other side, but she can also communicate with living animals, creating remarkable transformations by addressing a wide variety of behavioral issues, emotional concerns, and health problems.

If this series concept has peaked your interest and it fits into your programming needs, please Contact Us for more information. We have a Series Treatment we can share with interested parties that outlines what a potential season will look and feel like.

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