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 Sandra's Reviews

Sandra Larson has a thriving Animal Communication and Intuitive Life Coaching practice in the Dallas-Forth Worth metroplex. She's been helping animals and coaching people for over fifteen years. Through the years she has accumulated over 250 five-star reviews verified via Genbooks. Below is a sampling of some of her recent testimonials.  



It is hard for me to put in words how painful the loss of my soul dog Chance has been. I reached out to Sandra to see if I could connect with Chance. I truly felt that Chance was with us on our call. She said words that no one would have known. My husband always called Chance a little trooper and when she said that Chance told her he was a little trooper, my heart smiled. Sandra is very calming and kind. It was a wonderful experience.

ERIN D. - Apr 20, 2021 - Customer since Apr 2021


I set the title because Sandra personifies love- love foremost for animals, but also love for each person she works with. Deeply intuitive, Sandra is a joy to work with and consistently on point. She has integrity and strength of character. I highly recommend her for any of the services she offers. - Suzanne L. - Mar 2, 2021 - Customer since May 2018

LOVED talking with Sandra

Sandra really helped me feel at peace after I put my dog down. She mentioned things that only me and Domino would know, and I truly feel like he is at peace, and the right decision was made. Sandra was so sweet and open to anything I had questions about. I had my doubts, but Sandra proved them wrong! Highly recommend!

Ellen B. - Jan 26, 2021  - Customer since Jan 2021


I hoped to communicate with my older sister to apologize for things said & done before she passed. She came through to Sandra immediately & offered a red rose as reminder of the many red crepe-paper flowers we had made as children. She used flowers as an analogy of experiences & spoke lovingly of our time together, assuring me I had nothing to feel guilty about. She spoke of a beautiful after-life, full of love and light. I am much relieved! I feel peace and joy which had eluded me for 12 years.

Maria M. Jan 10, 2021 - Customer since Jan 2018

Highly Recommend!!

I was so pleasantly surprised by my session with Sandra this past weekend. She was so kind and was able to talk to my cat and get to the root of some behavioral issues we were experiencing. I am so grateful for her and her talents. I highly recommend everyone with a pet to schedule a session. It was a very special experience.

P.G. - Oct 12, 2020 - Customer since Oct 2020


I just lost my beloved dog Dakota a few days ago and had no idea how to cope because all I wanted to do was talk to him. My mom told me she went to Sandra Larson a couple of years ago and it brought her so much joy so I decided to look her up and I am so thankful I did. Talking with Sandra made me feel happy again to know that Dakota was safe and was no longer suffering. Sandra told me things that I had never told anyone else but Dakota. I am so happy that I was able to talk to my baby again.

Ryann T. - Feb 12, 2021 - Customer since Feb 2021

Great Experience!

Sandra is very gifted in communicating with your beloved pets (both here and on the other side). Really appreciate her compassion and accurate insights.

Nancy D. -  Mar 30, 2021 - Customer since Sep 2013

Stellar Reading 

Luna the Merdog and myself have been clients of Sandra for several years. Sandra always starts her sessions with such high vibrational energy and I love how she 'sets the space' and calls in the ArchAngels to help. Luna is always very relaxed when 'Auntie Sandy' is reading her. Sandra has helped Luna connect with her passion of adventure and therefore has enhanced both of our lives! We love you Sandra! - Crystal H. - Feb 2, 2021 - Customer since Aug 2016

Heaven Sent

I am so glad I found Sandra. She has helped me with my two cats during our 3 month long road trip across 5 states. I had encountered two issues and so I had to seek help twice. One of them was an emergency situation. I was hysterical when I called Sandra. She calmly helped me through it and communicated with my cat, coaxing her to come out of the hole she crawled into. We got our kitty back and I am forever grateful to her. - Bernice V. - Dec 29, 2020 - Customer since Oct 2020

Great insight into my pups' lives

Sandra provided great insight into how my two sibling dogs see their world. It was beneficial to understand how they were treated before I adopted them, as they seem to have been quite nervous at first. Since our reading, they appear much more comfortable and more confident. Sandra also explained how they feel about certain things like their food, people, their environment, and their living conditions. Her soothing and playful voice really put them at ease. It was pretty amazing! Thank you!

Stella M. - Jul 12, 2020 - Customer since Jun 2020

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