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Lone Star Animal Medium |  YouTube Channel
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The Lone Star Animal Medium Youtube Channel revolves around Sandra’s thriving practice in Texas. One of the many reasons clients reach out to Sandra is to connect with their beloved animal companions who have passed away. Her Bachelor's Degree in Psychology and Master's Degree in Counseling (specializing in grief counseling) qualifies her to help clients process their grief on a clinical level, while her intuitive animal communication gifts and abilities allow her to give unique closure on an emotional level. Sandra has the remarkable ability to connect and communicate with your animals, who have transitioned. Learning a beloved animal companion is happy and doing well on the other side is often transformational. These mediumship sessions are extraordinary. 

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Show Description 

This unique animal and human-interest docuseries takes viewers to the Lone Star State to feature an extraordinarily talented Animal Medium, Sandra Larson, who uses her intuitive gifts to communicate with animals – deceased or alive. Sandra not only satisfies human curiosity and skeptics by connecting with animals who have transitioned to the other side, but she can also communicate with living animals, creating remarkable transformations by addressing a wide variety of behavioral issues, emotional concerns, and health problems. Verifiable information is the cornerstone of Sandra’s sessions. 

We are always looking for animal enthusiasts to participate in a session with Sandra Larson for our YouTube Channel. If you are interested in experiencing a session with Sandra to connect with your beloved animal companions who have passed, please reach out to the Producer via the submission form below. In exchange for allowing us to share your session with our YouTube community, your session will be complimentary.

Losing an animal companion can be devastating. Some people find the grief of losing a beloved animal companion just as difficult and heartbreaking as losing a human loved one. One of the goals for our Lone Star Animal Medium YouTube Channel is to help participants and viewers process their grief via the sessions we film with Sandra. Learning a beloved animal companion is happy and doing well on the other side is often transformational for the participants, giving closure and peace.  


Your session with Sandra will be shot in real time (60 to 75 minutes), giving you an authentic session experience. My job as a producer is to capture and edit that experience in a way that best reflects your session to viewers. These sessions often include beautiful moments, surprising information, and most of all heartwarming messages from animal companions living happily in spirit. 

Our main goal is for every participant, who experiences an on-camera session with Sandra, to feel uplifted and happy for the experience. We always work hard to create quality content that is respectful and authentic. Our priority during the shoot will be on your session and your time with Sandra. This shoot will be all about you and your animal companions. If you would like more detailed information about filming with us and available shoot dates, please fill out the submission form below. I look forward to hearing from you. We can't do this work without you! 

Thank you for your interest and consideration - Charisse

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Let's Work Together!

Thank you for your interest! We'll be in contact soon.

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