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Robin Invasion

Waking up to snow on the ground in the North Dallas area this morning, my sister and I noticed so many fat Robins on the ground, in our berry bushes, and sitting on the ice of our backyard pool. (I found out later that the Robins looked fat because they puffed out their feathers to keep them warm in the unseasonably cold weather.)

My sister’s indoor cat, Bo, was earnestly and excitedly watching them from the windows throughout our house. He even jumped high up in the air as one of them flew into our backyard window. And, even now, Bo is under my chair, tail wagging, as we admire the beauty and bravery of these lovely birds!

I looked up information of the invasion of these precious ones and discovered that because of the drought, they have migrated to Central Texas for the berries that sustain them. During this past year, we may have complained about our favorite restaurants being closed, but imagine the many miles they have flown to find their food source. I spoke with one of them and asked about his journey. It was long and hard, but he was so grateful to have found this place with an abundance of food, water and protection.

Nature is beautiful and it’s all around us! We are a part of this wonderful symphony of life and we only need to open our eyes to its blessings. Maybe you have struggled this past year, but just as Nature has taken care of these little ones, you are also being cared for and loved by God and the Universe! This unusual Polar Vortex that took hold of our city and state was dubbed ‘The Historic Winter Invasion’. I'm sure none of us will ever forget it. Stay safe and happy through these ‘chilly times’

Sweetest Blessing,


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