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What is Mirroring?

Did you know your animals often take on your illnesses, emotions, and mental blockages to ease your pain and suffering? That's called Mirroring. Sometimes animals will take on our emotional and / or physical ailment in an attempt to tell us what is wrong or empathize with us.

A large percentage of my regular clients are familiar with mirroring, but a lot of my clients who come to me are not familiar with it. Understanding mirroring can help change the dynamic in the household and troubleshoot unexplained behaviors and issues with your animal companion. Animals will mirror us for different reasons. They are our constant companions and ‘roommates’ in our home, if you will. And through mirroring, our animals can show us what they sense is out of balance in ourselves.

In this clip, I work with Don and Christine to help them understand why Dolce feels anxious whenever he sees this particular squirrel in the backyard who appears to be taunting him. During our animal communication session, we get to the bottom of the issue by discussing how Christine and Don feel about the squirrel when they see it. It was an interesting discovery, but certainly not unusual. This was a lovely session that addressed multiple issues. It was a joy and pleasure to work with Dolce. He's one of my favorites!

Many Blessings,


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