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Sandra Larson

Animal Communicator & Intuitive Life Coach



Her ability to communicate with animals is extraordinary to say the least. She has honed her gift over the years through study and practice. Most people experience the world through the five senses. Sandra is proficient in seven intuitive senses. This allows her to tune into animals in a way that the majority of us cannot, yet. Through these seven senses she can send and receive messages with animals intuitively. Her gift also allows her to communicate with animals who have transitioned to the other side.  

Sandra has a thriving practice in Frisco, Texas (near Dallas). For over fifteen years she has been working with clients to help them understand their animal companions better. Sandra addresses a wide variety of behavioral issues and emotional concerns. She has worked with literally thousands of clients over the years, and has accumulated hundreds of five-star reviews and testimonials. 

Sandra is literally a human voice for animals.

Celebrate the Patterns of the Wild © by Joan Hansen

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