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My Aura Reading

Recently, I had the opportunity to visit a wonderful and welcoming shop, The Mindful Mermaid. When I walked in, it felt like I was transported to a different dimension, filled with lovely energy and unique curated items. I met the owner of the shop, Vonda Kay and visited with her for a while. Her friendly energy and our lively conversation led us to the new Aura Machine she acquired. It’s the only one of its kind in the DFW area, which peaked my interest. It can read auras! When you stand in front of it for a few minutes, it reads your aura, takes your photo, and then generates an extensive report based on the Aura Reading. This machine not only works with people, but also with animals! Of course, this got me really excited about an idea of us collaborating together.

She invited me to come back to the store to give my dog Charlie an Aura Reading. She took a picture of his aura and printed out the detailed information about his aura. I was so happy to see the glowing colors of my precious, confident dog! Then, it was my turn to have my Aura Reading. My aura had so much green, that it surprised me! In addition to my picture, she also emailed me an extensive report explaining what it means to have a green aura. Here is a paragraph from the report:

“Greens have a strong connection with both nature and their physical bodies. They have a need to express themselves and be physically active. Spending time in nature, gardening or working with animals creates a feeling of being connected to the Earth. Animals, especially horses, cats and dogs, feel the openness and natural understanding of greens and are drawn to them.”

The report was several pages long, and it gave me solid information, confirming my career path as an animal communicator and intuitive life coach was right on track. I was impressed. No wonder the work that I do is really more of a calling than work for me. Based on this insightful experience, Vonda and I have decided to offer an opportunity for you to experience a combination of an Aura Reading for your animal companion and an Animal Communication session all in one! We’ve had such a lovely response to this event, we only have two appointments left for the Thursday, June 22nd event! If you're interested in attending, book your spot today!

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