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Animals Make us Human

On a recent Home Visit, along with his human family, I met the most precious, rather shy dog named Duke. The family had invited me to help with an issue he was having with the Hardwood Floors in the house. I gave them many suggestions and ideas on how to help him with his fear of the clicking sound of toenails on the floor.

Because they believed Duke felt safe with me, toward the end of our time together, they asked if I would be willing to care for him while they went on vacation for a week. This is not something I usually do, but because they were concerned that Duke would not do well in a kennel situation, I offered to care for him while they were gone.

With those gorgeous blue eyes, Duke appears to be mostly Lab and partly Husky or Malamute. Our family has had many special Labs throughout the years, so I felt he would fit in well. Oh my! Have we ever had the time of our lives!

After agreeing to care for him, my sister Coleen let me know we would be having a visit from her guy sweetheart and his chocolate Lab, Clover, who by the way is a Farm Dog. From the moment the two dogs met, it was party on! They played chase and wrestled. I think Duke fell in love with sweet girl Clover immediately!

Now, Duke is a really wonderful hugger! He would take a break from playing with Clover and run over to me to push his head onto my lap for a big hug and then resume the chaotic play with his new girlfriend.

One evening, we were all invited over to our sister Bonnie’s house for dinner. She has an awesome cat named Bo who, except for my former dog Buddy, does NOT like dogs. So, of course, we kept him safely tucked away in Bonnie’s Master Bedroom.

Everything was fine until Coleen pointed out to the two dogs that Bo was looking directly at them through the screen windows. When there was eye contact, Bo began to make growling sounds coming from deep in his throat and then suddenly made a loud hissing sound. Poor little Duke jumped about three feet in the air! While, Clover, the Farm Dog, gently sat down to stare at Bo.

There is a story I’d like to share with you about Clover. She used to attack cats. She did not like them. Her human Dad asked me to ask her why she didn’t like kittens either. Her answer was, “Because they grow up to be cats.” We asked her not to go after cats anymore and amazingly, she has left them alone ever since our talk. But as we saw that night, it didn’t mean that she wasn’t going to watch Bo the cat! While playing in the backyard Duke, on the other hand, never looked back at Bo.

Clover and his Dad left yesterday. I think Duke is missing her! Although Duke’s human Mom and Dad will be returning to bring him home, a little part of my heart will go with him. I have loved all the hugs and happiness we have shared this past week. I love the saying, “Animals make us human.” I know Duke and Clover made me glad we could spend this precious time together!

Many Blessings,


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