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Women's Retreat in San Antonio

I wanted to take a moment to wish you a wonderful Holiday Season and share a recent event with you! During the month of November, I challenged myself to wake up every morning and think thoughts of gratitude. I’m grateful for the work I get to do, which is my Calling. I also, wondered what more could I do (because I’m nowhere near to being done!), and what my life was like before the World-Wide Covid Pandemic. As I mused, I remembered that I used to meet with people in person for our Animal Communication Galleries, our PIE Circles (Powerful, Intuitive Empaths), the many levels of Animal Communication Classes and even a course about the Archangels. I realized that I really missed connecting in person with people, their animals and teaching. Many years ago, I’d taught Psychology at the Junior and Technical College level. Since I currently live in Collin County, I looked to see if there were any Psychology teaching positions at Collin County Community College. And, to my surprise there were openings!

As you can see, I was focusing on going back to teaching! So, to my surprise, a short time later I received an email from a woman asking me if I could teach at the Waldemar Women’s Retreat taking place in Hunt , Texas in just one short week away! One of the facilitators had a family emergency, so I was to be her replacement. For the retreat, I was being asked to teach a class in Animal Communication and to work with the herd of horses at this ranch / retreat.

She had me at a herd of horses! I was also invited to do individual sessions with the women attending the retreat. I’m sure you’ve heard the saying, ‘Be careful what you ask for, because you might get it’, which often sounds rather foreboding. Instead, I’d like to suggest that we be aware of what you’re asking for because we may be blessed in receiving it!

As this was completely in alignment with my desire to teach again, and after moving a few appointments around, I said yes! I had only one week to scale down a weekend Level One Animal Communication Class into about two hours, but I made it work! It felt so good to be back teaching again and one of my favorite topics: animal communication. They not only flew me to San Antonio, but they also pampered me with a limousine transfer from the airport to the ranch, and put me up in a beautiful room that came with my very own golf cart to drive around the sprawling property. It was a wonderful experience seeing so many women opening to different spiritual aspects of their lives, so hungry for the divine, nurturing, knowledge and wisdom. If I’m blessed to be invited to come back in the future, I surely will do my best to attend. They’ll be holding another event in September of 2024. Click on the button below to learn more about the Waldemar Ranch and to see their event and activity list.

Speaking of 2024, I’m very inspired to ‘pick up the pace’ with live events in the New Year. I’m looking for a space to hold the Animal Communication Galleries again. (If you know of a location that could hold up to 25 people and animals, please reach out to me privately!) Also, we have been doing our PIE Circle monthly via a teleconference call, which we hope to resume in person again at my home in early 2024. In addition, we’re ready to hold Animal Communication Classes again, and if you’d like to learn about the gifts the Archangels can bring into your life, we hope to line up that workshop as well in the new year.

Stay tuned through our newsletters for all of my classes, workshops and events coming up in 2024. My producer, Charisse, and I will continue to film for our YouTube Channel Lone Star Animal Medium, so we greatly appreciate you watching, sharing and subscribing at your convenience! For more information about our YouTube Channel and becoming a participant, please visit the Lone Star Animal Medium page on my website. And please know, I’m always here for you and your animal companions! Again, Happy Holidays! Much love to you and yours!

Many Blessings,


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