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Reuniting with Family

Back in the mid-1980’s, my two sisters and I had the opportunity to move to San Diego, California. While finding jobs and getting settled in, we were graciously allowed to live with our cousins Michael and Joan Hansen. We got to know so many of our other wonderful relatives, some of whom were children at the time. We ended up living in the San Diego, Orange County and the North Hollywood/Studio City areas until the early 1990’s. (During those years, we moved around a lot!)

Last week we returned to San Diego for a wonderful event we call, ‘Women’s Weekend’. Our relatives and friends came from around the country to attend, and of course, we were reunited with many of our relatives and friends who still live in San Diego.

When you haven’t been to a place for about 30 years, things change: Children have become adults with families and successful careers! And the adults I knew have become grandparents and are nearing retirement! The one thing about life is it will always go on with or without us. And yet, the seeds of love that we shared years ago, can again be reunited, which was my experience with my cousins and friends. It was so delightful to laugh, cry and share precious moments with them!

Coming home from San Diego, I feel expanded and grateful for the lives that have touched me so deeply. These experiences and memories invite me to reach out even more in my life, because we never know when that moment of exchanged grace will have long lasting meaning for ourselves and others!

And, if you don’t already know it, please know I am so very grateful for you! YOU make this joyful work that I do with humans and animals possible. Thank you for allowing me to be part of your lives on so many levels.

Many Blessings to you and yours during this wonderful time of Thanksgiving.

Much Love,


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