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Animal Communication

If this is your first visit to an Animal Communicator, (which some call a Pet Psychic), I'd love to help you understand what animal communication is all about and my particular approach to it.

Before human language was created, intuitive communication, sounds and body language were the methods by which all life communicated. Some refer to intuitive communication as telepathic or psychic communication. It is not only a natural way of conversing, it's actually the manner in which most non-human life communicates. They talk, not on the Internet, but rather the Inner-net or Web of Life! In Western Culture it's often a lost or latent human ability we’ve been taught to suppress and conditioned to forget. As humans, most of us were taught early in life by our families and society to dismiss our intuitive experiences as simply an over-active imagination at work. This is truly sad because our intuitive guidance system is almost always helpful and accurate in most situations.

So, is it really possible to know what my animal companion is thinking or feeling?

Yes, I use a method called the CLARAC Approach in talking with animals. Each of the letters in word CLARAC represents a step in communicating with animals and nature. Because all life is connected, it is possible to learn (or remember) how to focus or channel into a particular receiver, i.e., an animal. Additionally, parents can use this approach with their pre-verbal infants and even pre-birth babies. My intention in creating this method is to help people connect with all life that, including those who do not speak a human language. To learn more about this approach please click the menu item on this website labeled "My Approach."

Intuitive Life Coaching

Sandra's Larson Meditation StudioI believe our Soul speaks to us on a continuous basis through our intuitive guidance system. Modern cultures and societies create in us the collective voice of the Ego Mind which actually insists that we ignore and even fear that intuitive guidance. Our limiting Ego Mind finds safety in doing what is familiar and comfortable.

However, our Soul incarnated into this physical form with a Pre-Birth Plan which includes expansion, growth, and evolution. When we’re open to our intuitive guidance, miracles of joy fill our lives and we thrive. When we resist that voice and follow the demands of the Ego, we struggle in survival mode. And even though we might feel comfortably numb, this lack of joy causes us stress, depression, a feeling of being separate and alone. And, a general feeling of being unfulfilled.

So, have you ever treated yourself to a Spa Day? If you have, you know how you can come out of the experience feeling relaxed and refreshed. But, have you ever had a Spa Day for your Soul and Spirit?

That’s what I’d like to offer you during an Intuitive Life Coaching session. Whether we go on a Soul Journey to your past or future, talk with your angels and guides, meet with your power animals, or even just talk through whatever situation you’re experiencing in life, in every session, we become partners in the process of getting clear guidance from your Soul. I believe the answers we’re seeking in life are within each of us.

Dad and the fawnsPeople often ask me how I came to be an animal communicator.  Of course, I've studied with wonderful professional animal communicators, but as I reflect back on my life, I realize my father was my very first animal communication teacher.  He taught us to love, honor, cherish and respect animals.  He believed they were Master Teachers of unconditional love.  Whether it was a domestic or 'wild' animal, he had a wonderful gentle way of communicating with them.  He had loving relationships with dogs, cats, deer, chipmunks and birds, just to name a few. He would even often ask the birds outside our breakfast window their opinions and tell us how they answered his questions.  He melted with love when he had the opportunity to connect with animals.  And so I watched him and learned how wonderfully wise and amazing the animals are in our world.  I hope you'll like this children’s story I wrote several years ago about my father, Fred Larson

The Little Boy’s Prayer

There once was a little boy who longed to love and be loved. Every night he prayed, “Dear God, when I get older may I please have a wife and children. I promise to love them and teach them love, everyday!” And God remembered the Little Boy’s Prayer.

One day, when the little boy grew older, he saw a beautiful and kind young lady. He was very shy and new at romantic love. As soon as he met her, he felt embarrassed and ran away. But as time went on, they grew in love and married. Together, they learned about compassion and caring. And God remembered the Little Boy’s Prayer.

Soul Topia Guest Appearance

Sandra Larson appeared on Michelle Welch's Soul Topia Shenanigans web series on March 2, 2017.  In this hour long interview, Sandra shares anecdotes regarding animal communications, talks about the process, and actually communicates online.