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April New Beginnings Special

The month of April always seemed to represent new beginnings for me. Do you feel the same way? My sweet Buddy came into my life in April of 2003. That same year I was divorced in May, and in September our beloved father passed. Buddy was there for me through it all, including my career beginnings as an Intuitive Life Coach and Professional Animal Communicator. Buddy is dearly missed. He made his transition on November 5th, 2018.

This April 2021 is another new beginning for me. Due to serious health conditions, one of my dear clients can no longer keep and take care of her beloved animal companion. This has weighted heavy on my heart. After much consideration and thought, a new dog is coming into my life again. His name is Charlie, and I am thrilled!

When he came for sessions with his human Mom, Charlie had the opportunity to meet Buddy many times. As a matter fact, for the longest time after Buddy passed, Charlie would not sit in my lap because he told me that it was reserved for Buddy.

Recently, Charlie came for a visit. As I spoke the words, “Charlie, Buddy says it’s okay for you to sit on my lap,” he jumped up and let me cuddle with him for two hours straight. I think we were both in heaven! It just felt right. He is a precious boy. I think he will be a wonderful addition to our family and assist me in my Animal Communication and Intuitive Coaching Practice. I’m so excited!

There’s always a period of adjustment with any new animal companion who comes into our lives. I am no exception. I’ll definitely let everyone know how things are going on our journey of getting to know each other. Charlie represents my New Beginning this month!

Do you have a new beginning in your life? Perhaps you are adding a new animal companion to your family or maybe you’re merging two families together. Or, perhaps are you getting ready to go back to your place of work and leave your animal friend at home? Do you have some concerns about how a change in direction in your life is affecting your animal companion?

If you are experiencing a new beginning or transition in your life, whether with your animal companion or just yourself, I would like to offer you the ‘New Beginnings Special’ for April, which is a 45-minute Animal Communication or Intuitive Life Coaching Session for the 30-minute price - a $135 value for $90! Save $45 dollars!

Many blessings on your new beginnings!


Click the link above to take advantage of the April Special. Once you're on the Phone Session Page on Genbook, please scroll down to find the April New Beginnings Special.

45-minute Session for the price of a 30-minute Session

Save $45 dollars!

Offer expires 5/7/21

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