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New Year's Eve Dream

I’d like to share a dream I had on New Year’s Eve. I was in the quiet home of a friend, who was my Life Coach, but she also felt like a mother figure and mentor. She sat closely beside me and asked, “What do you want to tear away?” At first, I thought it sounded painful to tear something away from my being, and then I considered that perhaps she was just trying out a new coaching ‘catch phrase’ on me. So, I brushed off her question and left her home to run an errand.

When I returned, I saw that many people were arriving at her house. I decided to jump in to help her with serving beverages to her guests. Eventually, we were all seated, and even though there were people all around the table, one guest made the accusatory comment that about thirty people who normally were here for this meeting were not present.

I spoke up to him saying, “I know I’m new to this group, but the next time you’re thinking of skipping the meeting you might want to remember what your absence feels like to others.” I was surprised at myself with being so direct and outspoken.

And then, I woke up from this little dream and starting thinking that this is the end of the year 2022 and the New Year of 2023 is upon us. It's here! And it's a natural time for reflection. I’ve been thinking about that phase, “What do you want to tear away?” Another way to say it is, “What have I allowed to become attached to me that no longer serves me?” Maybe tearing it away might feel uncomfortable at first, but it made me imagine what possible freedom, joy, happiness and fulfillment are waiting for me when I ‘tear away’ what no longer is a fit for who I’m becoming in this lifetime.

A few examples you might want to 'tear away' and address could be :

· Fear and worry, replacing with safety and peace

· Guilt and shame, replacing self-forgiveness and sense of worthiness

· Toxic relationships, replacing with healthy relationships

· Anger and Frustration, replacing with speaking your truth with love and feeling fulfilled

· A stressful work environment, replacing it with a Career Calling

· Procrastination, replacing with a sense of accomplishment

The Universe does not abide with vacuums, so when you tear away what doesn’t serve you, God, the Universe, rushes in with something to fill that void. It’s about speaking and living your truth even when it makes you feel uncomfortable.

I believe our souls have brought us here to live the life of our grandest and most glorious choosing. Who knew we all have layers of ‘stuff’ that when we release them and tear them away, we can live life to its greatest fulfillment? And just like the mentor and life coach in my dream, I’m here to help you with that process. For anyone who is interested, I'm also offering a New Year's Coaching Special. Let’s meet soon!

Looking towards to 2023 with hope and love in my heart. Happy New Year Everyone!

Many Blessings,


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