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Being in the Present Moment

A while ago, I decided to try out a Nail Salon that I hadn’t been to for a while. As one individual attended to my nails, the other gently and lovingly gave me a pedicure. They communicated not only their ability to do the work well, but they were also very present and caring. I was delighted with both and left the Nail Salon feeling loved and peaceful. I do my best to remember names and so, returning to the Salon, I asked for both of them personally. This time, however, the experience was different as both seemed to be in a hurry and distracted. Of course, I felt disappointed, but as I look back on both opportunities to be with these individuals, I realized that I was seeing contrast.

Cats are wonderful teachers. Some cats like physical attention, but often on their terms. I remember once, I was petting a cat while my mind was a thousand miles away. The cat picked up on me being an absentee affection-giver. So, she turned around, and gave me a serious correction! Now whenever I give attention to a cat, I make sure I stay present, lol!

As I’m writing this blog, I’m thinking about how these experiences reflect in my own work with people and animals. If you’ve ever had an animal communication session with me, you might know that I like to begin the communication with an invocation. There are many reasons for this, but one of the most important purposes is to be sure we are all connecting in the same energy field. It’s a way for us all to be present together. I’ve discovered when everyone is present and open during these conversations, the more easily the information flows and there is a greater opportunity for positive changes in attitudes and behaviors.

So, how are you present or not present in your life? Do you just go through the motions or are you open to connecting with those in your world around you, including your animal companions? Taking a few minutes to think about your answers just may help you hone your focus, and possibly help you make a stronger connection with your animal companions or anyone who may cross your path. A lesson reinforced by a very wise cat!

I’ve been working with people and animals for many years. I’m comfortable with phone sessions, but I also love to meet your animal friends in person. If you live in the Dallas/Fort Worth area and you’d like an opportunity to experience, live, that energy connection with your animal friends, I’d like to share a special discount offer with you.

Normally my In-Home Visit Fee is $300.00, but this summer I’d like to offer everyone $50 Off my In-Home Visits. This special won’t last long, but if you’d like me to come to your home, this is your chance to get on my calendar!

I hope you’ll give me the opportunity to get to meet you and your animal companion in person soon!

Many Blessings,


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