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March Makeover Special

Our country is finally coming out of a year-long ‘hibernation’. Perhaps the one person you’ve spent more time with than ever before is yourself! So, what have you learned about you? Do you like more time alone or did you discover how much you miss being with others? Did this time clarify anything about who you’ve been in the past or what you’d really like to be in the present or future?

Many people believe in pre-destination. Because I believe we always have the ability to choose again, I’m not sure I agree with this completely, but what I do think is that we all have a Pre-birth Plan. Our Souls guide us and offer us wisdom as we experience what we planned before we were even born into physical form. It’s what we as Souls wanted to come here to do and be. Having an awareness and being in alignment with this Soul plan helps our lives to flow with ease and grace. I often like to say, “Let your doingness come out of your beingness.” In other words, when you are taking action from your authentic ‘Soul Self’, the things you do will be in alignment with who you really are. You came here to be amazing and to have wonderful adventures.

Many of you may know me as an Animal Communicator. But I’m also an Intuitive Life Coach. My Master’s Degree is in Counseling from University of Wisconsin- Superior. I’ve also studied with Coaches Training Institute (CTI), and I’ve had many wonderful teachers on my coaching journey, including my Soul & Past Life Coach, Denise Linn. I’ve worked with literally hundreds of amazing coaching clients over the years. And perhaps, one of my best kept secrets is that I have multiple Coaching Packages which give my returning clients deep discounts on my Intuitive Life Coaching services.

Free Introductory 30-minute Intuitive Life Coaching Session!

This month, I’d like to share a bit of my own philanthropy with you! New Life Coaching clients will receive a 30-minute introductory coaching session for FREE! In addition to this complimentary session, I would also like to offer a special Green Package to all of my clients. I normally offer four levels of Coaching Packages (Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum) but this month I'm adding a fifth package for the Makeover March Giveaway. I'm calling it the Green Package (Happy St Patrick's Day!) which is essentially the Silver Package offered at the special rate of the Bronze Package. If you're a new client, of course there is absolutely no obligation to purchase anything beyond the 30-minute complimentary Intuitive Life Coaching session.*

If you're not sure if Life Coaching is for you, this is an ideal opportunity for us to briefly collaborate together as you experience a session. No strings attached. Because my Coaching Practice is Client-Centered, you will set the agenda for our time together. Here are some issues you may want to discuss when we meet over the phone for this 30-minute session:

· How to move with grace and ease through career or life transitions, including all types of changes

· Finding successful ways to soothe yourself into feeling better when you are stressed or depressed

· How to experience true self-love, peace, joy, calm

· Getting assistance moving through the stages of grief and loss of both humans and animals

· Recognizing and developing your intuitive gifts, talents and strengthening your skills

· Experience Soul Journeys to your past, present, future lives or your life between life

· How to gain confidence as an Intuitive Communicator with people, animals and all of Nature

· Release the guilt of others’ emotional behavior and embrace being a Powerful Intuitive Empath

· Learning to embrace, develop and express your empathic gifts

· Discover how being empathic is a gift, and understand your mood swings, too!

· Experience what it means to be a medium and talk with departed love ones: animals and humans

· How to be a channel for Archangels, Angels, Guides, and Master Teachers

· Learn about different types of Power Animals and how they can assist you

· Learn how to understand and communicate with the physical body as a medical intuitive

Together, we can find the freedom for you to create the life you’ve always wanted. I’m here for you and look forward to hearing from you soon!

Sweetest Blessings,


Green Package Special

3 hour Coaching Session for $175

Offer ends March 31st at Midnight

Not applicable to Animal Communication

* 30-minute introductory Intuitive Life Coaching session, no purchase necessary, phone sessions only

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