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Mother's Day Tribute and Special

Tribute to Mothers Everywhere...

The one you seek to learn from is a paradox. She is pure, naïve, childlike and youthful. Yet, from within her being comes a wisdom and understanding which is ageless.

She listens much more than she speaks, but when she speaks, we feel compelled to listen. She could rule the world with the power that is within her. However, she would rather encourage us to learn of our own power that we may grow in our own strengths and talents.

She gently and softly offers wise suggestions, which when heeded guide us through difficult life choices. She allows and she allows and she allows. And, we learn and we grow and we become.

Yes, this woman is beautiful to look upon, but even more beautiful is her inner essence. The strangest thing of all is that this woman would never recognize this description of herself. Although, all who know her know this to be true.

This woman is my Mother. This woman is your Mother. This woman is everyone woman who has scarified for or nurtured another human being or animal. Happy Mother's Day to all the Mothers who have shaped our lives and gave us unconditional love and advice. Thank you Mom!


Being a parent is one of the most challenging and rewarding jobs on the planet! For all of those Moms (and Dads!) out there who are parents of fur babies or humans, I'd like to extend my April special into May, which is a 45-minute Animal Communication or Intuitive Life Coaching Session for the 30-minute session price - a $135 value for $90!

From me to you, Happy Mother's Day!

Many blessings,


45-minute Phone Session for

the price of a 30-minute Session

Save $45!

* May Special expires at the end of May (5/31/21)

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