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Valentine's Day Special

On Thursday morning, I opened my back door to a lovely view of gently falling snowflakes! And then I noticed the vacuum in our little swimming pool moving quickly through the water. I felt like I’d been transformed into some kind of a magical paradoxical vortex! It was a view I have rarely seen living in Texas. How strange to see snow coming down on the ground with a pool in the background! Let me explain…

I was born and raised in the small Northern Wisconsin town of Superior. No one in our community that I knew dared to have an outdoor, in-ground pool. It was unheard of in Northern Wisconsin. I've experienced many northern winters that seemed to last for months on end, and 40 degrees below was pretty normal. So you see, nobody had an in-ground pool! So, when my sister and I were looking at houses in Texas, we were thrilled to find a home with a pool that met all of our needs in an area we loved! The pool was a novelty for us. We snatched up the house quickly and never looked back. We’ve made good use of the little pool in our backyard, enjoying it frequently. It’s been an integral part of entertaining, making for many happy memories.

Living here in Texas in our Frisco home has been a blessing. I mention this because during our winter storm last week I was struck by the contrast of my old life in Wisconsin, and the pool representing my new life here in Texas. This view allowed me to live in both worlds for a sacred, quiet moment, allowing me to reflect on the change that has taken place in my life. Sadly, we may be putting our little house on the market in the spring or early summer, because as you know life keeps bringing us opportunities for change. Not to worry, my sister might be moving out-of-state, but I have plans to stay in North Texas! I’ve grown to love Texas, its warmer weather, and the kindhearted friends and clients I’ve been privileged to meet and know.

What about you? Have you been experiencing any of those moments where your past and present life have collided? The world as we know it has changed in so many ways these past couple of years. A lot of my clients and friends have struggled with some of those difficult changes. I've had those very same moments. If you're struggling and would like someone to help you process through those changes, please reach out. With my training as a Life Coach and a Master’s Degree in Counseling, I can help. Many of my clients have told me I’m a pretty good listener. I believe everyone has their own answers within, and sometimes people just need someone else to help them find and process those answers. I can be that someone for you, should you need a fresh and professional perspective to help you get to the other side.

Given the winter (and/or pandemic) blues some people are experiencing, I’d like to extend my New Year Special through the month of February and part of March. This special can be used for any and all of the Intuitive Life Coaching Phone Sessions that I offer. Alternatively, you can also use it for Animal Communication Phone Sessions as well. It’s up to you!

If you need someone to talk to, or would like ME to talk to your furry friends, I hope you’ll take advantage of this special. I would love to connect with you and yours! Have a wonderful loving February. And, as much as you love others, please remember to love yourself too! Happy Valentine's Day!

Many Blessings,


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